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Access Specifications

Part #DimensionsDescriptionWeight
ACCESS GATESSAGAccess Gate23.90 lb
ACCESS GATESSAG-13' to 5'Adjustable Access Gate27.85 lb
ACCESS LADDERSS9032' x 3'Steel Access Ladder14.75 lb
ACCESS LADDERSS9012' x 6'Steel Access Ladder28.15 lb
ACCESS LADDERSS9022' x 9'Steel Access Ladder41.50 lb
ACCESS LADDERSS9083' x 16"Access Ladder9.30 lb
ACCESS LADDERSS9066' x 16"Access Ladder16.35 lb
ACCESS LADDERSS905Access Ladder Bracket5.50 lb
ACCESS STAIRSS9955'Section Access Stairs (8 rungs)280.00 lb
ACCESS STAIRSS9936'8"Section Access Stairs (9 rungs)308.00 lb
ACCESS STAIRSS9965'Hand Rails for Access Stairs34.00 lb
ACCESS STAIRSS995.56'8"Hand Rails for Access Stairs46.30 lb
ACCESS STAIRSS9919.5" x 36"Galvanized Grip Strut Stair Tread (small holes)14.90 lb

weights may vary by 5%