Pins & Locks

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Pins and Locks Specifications

Part #DimensionsDescriptionWeight
COUPLING PINSS4021 7/16" ODCoupling Pin (1" collar)1.25 lb
COUPLING PINSS3991 5/16" ODCoupling Pin (no collar)0.54 lb
COUPLING PINSS4001 5/16" ODCoupling Pin (1/8" collar)0.58 lb
COUPLING PINSS402.51 3/8" ODCoupling Pin (1" collar)0.65 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS418Spring Retainer Clip0.04 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS403.5Rivet for Snap-On Flags0.01 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS403LlargeSnap-On Flag w/Pin (for rails)0.35 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS403SsmallSnap-On Flag w/Pin (for braces)0.29 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS405Roll Lock Pin0.04 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS412Snap Pin0.15 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS406Gravity Lock Pin0.22 lb
CLIPS AND PINSS413Toggle Pin0.20 lb
LOCKSS419Flip Lock Pins (box of 100)14.32 lb
LOCKSS415Drop Lock Pins (box of 100)12.35 lb
LOCKSS414Snap-On Rivets (box of 100)12.12 lb

weights may vary by 5%